Alexei Komarov

Bloomberg Dividend Forecaster Intelligence

Automotives, Financials, TMT, Luxuries


Alexei joined Bloomberg in 2015 having previously worked on the buy-side for 12 years. After spending two years as futures and OTC forward trader he joined FT Group to lead the firm's European event-driven M&A research. Alexei raised the prominence of automotive coverage there as part of Alphavile and a standalone platform directly used by hedge funds. In 2011 he proposed and launched FT Dividend Outlook, focussing on dividend forecasting and capital structure analysis. At Bloomberg Alexei's interests span almost every aspect of reporting and equity research, dividend futures pricing and event driven strategies, covering over Automotives, TMT and Luxuries. Alexei graduated from LSE with a BA/MSc in Economic History and Political Economy as well as Diploma in Financial Analysis and Valuation. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Robotics and Microprocessors